Multi-Family Windows

“The incentives that utility companies are offering make it appealing for proprty owners to participate.”

Multifamily retrofit rebates are available to condo owners living in buildings with five or more attached units and to apartment building multifamily property owners owning a complex with five or more attached units. Major utility companies, PSE, Tacoma Power and Seattle City Light are all offering substantial rebates on multifamily properties.

Rebates help offset the cost of improvement projects that will lower energy costs for building owners and tenants alike. Contact us today to see if you quality and for additional information.

Window Case Study Project Overview

Canyon Ridge Goals

  • Decreased maintenance costs from single-pane window condensation
  • Reduce tenants’ electric bills
  • Improve look of building


  • Installed Class 30 Vinyl-frame, double-pane windows
  • Increased attic insulation to R-38
  • Increased floor insulation to R-30

Financial Analysis

  • Annual kWh Savings: 80,642
  • Project cost: $59,494
  • Rebate from Tacoma Power: $22,400
  • Customer cost: $37,054
  • Savings per unit: $143/year